Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tools for blogspot

You can see a lot of widgets and some special features on my page. You may wonder how did I do that? :)

Actually, blogspot only supplies us some basic features for blogging. To get more features, you need to search "tips and tricks" on Internet and puts it into your blog. You can ask me: "oh, you may have a lot of free time, isn't it? Why do you like that?". Actually, NO - I do not have much time but researching ideas and good features on Internet is one of my hobbies. I takes my free time to do that.

In this entry, I list some good links for you if you want to enhance your blogspot page. If you have problem with any trick, you can contact me.

10 chat widgets for your page.
Add read more feature to your blog
Templates for your blog
Add rating feature to your blog
Add tag cloud into blogspot
Add sharethis into blogspot
Add sitemap to blogspot
Show related post in blogger
Add recent comments
This entry will be updated whenever I find any more good links.

Object relation mapping - Is it a Vietnam war science?

the Vietnam war

I read this article 1,2 years ago. I think it's valuable for anyone loves Object Relation mapping. You should read it carefully and think about what you applied with ORM in your projects.
The original article is: The Vietnam of Computer Science

You can find some more interesting related articles:

+ Object-Relational Mapping is the Vietnam of Computer Science
+ Thoughts on Vietnam commentary
Actually, I am a fan of ORM. I've ever had nightmare with Hibernate (a famous ORM framework). It takes my team many weeks to optimize the performance of the whole system. However, it does not break my dream about it.
If I have free time, I will post an entry to share with you some of my experiences in Hibernate (a famous ORM framework). Wait'n see.
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Google and KBird blog

I am in the top position of "KBird blog" in Google. :) Do you want to buy this keyword? LoL

Top reasons that manager should write blog

Some managers told me: forget it, I do not have enough time for blogging. We should save time for other more important things!
Actually, I sympathize with them. However, blogging has a lot of advantages. It may help you manage your team efficiently. You don't believe? :) See top reasons I've listed below to understand why.
KYOTO, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 9: Ichimame, an 19-yea...

  • Blogging helps your employee understand and sympathize with you more: if you have difficulties, or something need to explain to your employee - you can use blog. If you're good at writing, you can tell them about your emotion, what you're thinking ... However, do not tell any stupid thing when you're angry. That may create side effect of your blogging. :)

  • Blogging helps you to practice the writing skill: writing skill is one of must have skills of manager. Practicing it with blogging is a good way.

  • Blogging is a very useful tool for training (if you can make use of it): I see some of my friends post some entries to train the team in his blog. He received a lot of feed backs. That's a good signal to know your team can understand what you want to transfer.

  • Blog is a good tool for communication: through blogging, you can announce some thing and explain easier to your team. Actually, people like reading blog than reading the news board/policy board in the office.

  • Blog is a good place to create relationship: a lot of people tell me that they like making friends through blog. That's the great point that you should make use of. If each employee has a blog, introducing their blogs to others is the best way to help them understand each other fast and strengthen the relationship.

Why don't we try from now?