Monday, April 6, 2009

Windows 7 running on Ubuntu

Today, I decided to install Windows 7 to develop a solution in .NET 3.5 and run with IIS 7.0. Unfortunately, I've installed Ubuntu already. I love it :-) So, I choose the solution to install it in VirtualBox.

Anyways, the Windows 7 looks great although it's not an official release version.
See it on my computer:

There are some small issues after installing:
1. It can not recognize the Shared folders of Virtual Box automatically like Windows XP. I have to share the folder in the host machine and use network drive mapping in Windows 7 to share data.
2. It can not recognize my USB: currently, I don't know why. However, I am using the solution for issue 1 to solve this also.

Update 1:
I found a new solution to solve issue 1: actually, Windows7 does not show shared folders in \\vboxsvr but it can recognize them. You just need to open the Console to run "net use" command and map it with a specific drive.

net use T: \\vboxsvr\SharedFolderInVirtualBox

T is the drive letter that you want to map.