Friday, November 7, 2008

Usability error of Microsoft in setup project with VS 2005

In the past, one developer of my team has a problem with Visual Studio 2005 setup project. He wants to change the Product name in setup project but he can not find any place to do this. He also search on Internet but there is no good solution.
One day, I found the secret behind this story :). Actually, this is a usability bug of Microsoft. Let me show you what this bug is.

First, user right clicks and chooses Property of the setup project - he/she can not see anything related to the Product name, or information of what he/she needs to setup.

How he/she have to do now?
The answer is: please select the setup project in Solution Explorer. After that, click into the Property tab. Remember this carefully!

Microsoft Product manager, please tell me how many user knows this trick?