Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ASP.NET MVC - how to implement the plugin architecture

A long time ago, I've built a framework in ASP.NET based on ideas of Joomla (call it Joomla.NET). I improved some weak things in the Joomla architecture and port it to ASP.NET. However, the most favorite thing I like in Joomla is its plugin architecture. So, when ASP.NET MVC is emerging, the first question I put in my mind is: how I can implement the plugin architecture with this?

The most difficult thing to implement this with MVC is: we must have some ways to include all things related to a specific plugin (View, Controller, Model) into one assembly (dll) to package it. If we can do that, the rest thing of Plugin architecture is only the implementing a loading mechanism to load plugin and run.

I do not have much time to answer this question at that time.
Recently, I've found a great article about this.


This inspires me to update my JoomlaNet framework with MVC architecture. Currently, I am very busy with others. I will be back to JoomlaNet in the future.

Thanks J Wynia for this article.