Monday, March 29, 2010

Top reasons you should NOT join to the mobile team at Pyramid Consulting

1. There are many exciting things in our activities. You may DIE if you cannot control your emotions.
2. There’re many interesting things to learn. You will be overloaded with knowledge and new things – but useful for your work & your life.
3. Your friends may envy you because you can do many wonderful & crazy things.
4. We’re NOT colleague only. We’re brothers in a family. If you’re afraid of having more brothers, don’t join us.
5. We share all things together, all troubles & happiness, both in work & life. If you’re afraid of sharing, this team is not a good choice for you.
6. All members are courage men. Dare to talk, dare to do, dare to share.
7. You cannot stand some our bad habits for relaxing at the weekend: drink & eat dog meat, play some games – may be good (or bad) for your health.
8. If you can think of more reasons NOT to join into mobile team, please share to us.