Monday, March 15, 2010

Multiple phone application framework

Multiple phone application frameworks are: frameworks/solutions that allow developers to build applications to run on multi phone devices.

Recently, there' re some companies trying to build these solutions. This may make a new trend in developing application on mobile: build once, run every where (at least on most popular mobile platform) :)

Actually, this idea is good. However, it meets some troubles:
  • Mobile Platform + their SDKs are changes frequently. The multiple phones application frameworks cannot catch up with the speed of change of the platform + SDKs. Mobile developers prefer to have chance to use the latest APIs to make use of the strength of the newest platform.
  • On some popular mobile platforms (Apple, Android, BlackBerry), there' re always some private APIs - means some APIs are not official public. Developers must work on the real platform & SDK to use these APIs. The multiple phones application frameworks cannot wrap these APIs into their library because it needs to be more generic to be used in a common way.

Anyway, we should wait.

You can checkout a list of some open source multiple phone application frameworks here