Monday, April 27, 2009

Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.04 - Flash player problem

Today, I've upgraded my Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. However, I met the first problem with Firefox and Flash Player. The new version of Ubuntu has upgraded my Flash player version to version 10.0 but there is a problem: some Flash websites  can not play properly in my old firefox.

When I try to trace the registered plugins in Firefox by typing: about:plugins on the navigation textbox, I understand the reasion: Firefox is using the old Flash player plugin (9.0.4) and old version of libs.

Reading tons of online articles related to this issue, I found no way to fix this.
Suddenly, I remember that Firefox has created one hidden folder (.mozilla) in my home folder. So, I try to read the configuration there. And ... now, a solution appears in my mind. I tried it and solve this issue successfully.

Please follow steps as below to fix it, if you met this problem with Ubuntu.

Step 1: Open terminal, and delete the hidden folder .mozilla in your home folder. (/home/your user name/.mozilla)

Step 2: Uninstall all Flash and Firefox packages using Sysnaptic. Just type: flash and firefox into the search text to find plugins which installed in your computer.

Step 3: Install Flash player using Sysnaptic.

Step 4: Install firefox again.

Now, you can open your firefox and try again with some web site that embed Flash inside.
Good luck

My papervision3D demo

I am working on a demo with Papervision3D. At the first step, I met some difficulties in 3D maths and 3D programming concepts. However, I tried to come over them. With some fundamental knowledge, I created a demo to show a 3D album successfully.

Below is the screenshot for the demo.
 Am I handsome on this screenshot?
I will write some articles about Papervision3D to share with you later.
Wait n see!